Behind the Logo

Behind the Logo

       Have you ever been on that weekend ride through the country, or on the back roads where you live? Maybe you live on one of those back roads, or in a small town 45 minutes from the big city. If you are one of the lucky ones that grew up in an area like this, then you notice things most people don't.

The Life Style 

       The slower pace and lifestyle of The Small Town Life is something that most people don't get to experience. The long quiet commute, to and from town, for work or even just going to The Walmarts. Saturday nights gathered around a burn barrel with a group of friends, family gathered around a fire pit, radio on the old country station, kids playing in the yard (field, cause out here any yard is the size of the field), this is small town living at its best. Windows down. driving down a dirt road at the speed of a slow stream, taking in the view of what God has created that you get to enjoy. This is your play ground. 

       (Oh yeah, if you haven't figured out by now, don't check me for correct punctuation, run on sentences and spelling. HAHAHA) I'm not gonna use words right either. Just get use to it. 

     Where are the towers?  

      There is one thing that you will see more often than you think as you travel along the country roads. Around any bend, or at any cross roads you may come to, look, there it is. The community water tower. Inevitably, it will have the community/small town name on it. It has announced your arrival. You are here. There are more than I can count in Small Town Alabama where I was raised and call home to this day. 

      The Reason Behind It All

       This very reason is why we chose the center of the logo for The Small Town Life to be the water tower branded with STL (Small Town Life). The brand was started in 2021 but small town life has been around forever. Water towers are an integral part of every small town and community. Going back to the wild west, where every town had one for many reasons including for steam engines when they would come into the station. How may reality shows begin with a drone shot of the local water tower. Ever watched a football game on Saturday? Silly question right? The Dr. Pepper commercial for Fansville, the water tower is the first shot in every single one. 

     What is means to me

        For those I grew up with, the ones who read this will know who they are, it was a local hang out. Although, not as welcome there as we would have liked , we were turned away by the local law enforcement on several occasions. These are all memories. Good ones, that we would one day call "The good ole days" to our kids, and do to this day. 

      The water tower to me, stands for a lot. Lots of good times, lots of memories, community, family, and is the life blood of an area. I mean running water and in door plumbing,(yes we have indoor plumbing in South Alabama), is noting to shake a stick at. They are every where in rural America. Most of all it represents The Small Town Life.

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Love this Small Town Life!!!!

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