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A way of life built on faith, family & friends.

The small-town life is simple, yet full. Through The Small Town Life, we hope to share this life and its values with as many people as possible.


Family-Owned & Operated

Established by the Spivey family in 2021 and operated by the family today. When you call or email customer service, you're sure to get straight to the source for your answers.


Quality that Lasts

If you've been in the south for even a day, you know that "fast" doesn't live down here, but quality sure does. The same quality of time and lifestyle that we strive for everyday is the same standard of quality we put into choosing and designing each individual product.


Values that Live On

Come on in and make yourself at home-we hope you like sweet tea and good conversation. More than that, we hope your experience with us reminds you that hard working, good people live on in this world and plan to for a long while.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I order, when can I expect shipment?

Within 48 hours.

Where do the products ship from?


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, to selected buyers. If you're interested in wholesale, please find our wholesale application, in the link at the top.