Family-Owned, Operated AND Inspired

This is us - the Spiveys.

Can you tell we love the small town way of life and our state of Alabama? Although The Small Town Life business was only established in 2021, our way of life has been around for generations right here in Alabama.

Our Story

Located in the heart of small-town Alabama between 1968 and 1993 was a small, but dedicated dairy operation known as Cantey Dairy. The family farm milked twice a day, everyday-only missing one day due to 13 inches of snow in the winter of 1973. As small dairy operations in the south began to die off, Cantey Dairy did what small-town families and farmers do-persevered.

Today, the farm (still in the Cantey Family), is known as 4C Farm and has evolved into a beef cattle operation. Carol (Cantey) Spivey, grew up on this farm, which inspired our "Family Farm" design as it embodies everything about "The Small Town Life" and the values we hope to share through our company.

The Canteys Today

The community surrounding this farm is full of people that have all lived with the work ethic most farmers possess-keep moving forward, get it done and tomorrow we will get up and do it again. This simple, hard-working, tough, yet laid-back lifestyle is what The Small Town Life is about.

We hope our designs spark a memory that takes you back to your small town. If you're not from a small town, but still enjoy the lifestyle-even better!

We welcome you to join our small town anytime!

Thank you for visiting us here.

- Shaun and Carol